King Construction has a small scale recycling setup that is ideal for our company operations, as it allows excavated spoil from our schemes to be recycled at our depot into type 1 stone. This has created a ‘one stop shop’ for our operations by allowing our workforce to park vehicles, tip spoil, and pick up materials, all in one location.

Through our sister company King Construction can also offer a range of recycled materials that are ideal to be used in the types of schemes our company delivers. The range of products includes recycled concrete as well as various 100% recycled materials that are approved to be used in the reinstatement and construction of highways and footways.

These reinstatement materials are produced using the SMR soil stabiliser and are all HAUC approved whilst manufactured under the WRAP Quality Protocol for the production of aggregates from inert waste. SMR is a soil stabiliser that is added in the recycling process of excavated spoil to create various HAUC approved reinstatement materials that are ideal in various types of highway reinstatement and construction schemes. It provides a means to recycle 100% of all excavated spoil including clay and soil and the materials have been proven better than their conventional counterparts.

Our company can also provide or identify facilities for recycling various waste materials such as paper, cardboard, gypsum, plastic, glass, green waste, and many other types of waste, rather than allowing them to go to land fill.

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