Health, Safety and Wellbeing

At VIAM we recognise that our people are our most important asset, and we invest in the professional development of each employee.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our employees is fundamental in ensuring we achieve a harm free workplace.

Our leaders lead by example and put Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.

Nothing we do is so important we can not take the time to plan it and do it safely.

Leadership and Commitment

The leaders of our business lead by example, they set the scene, they are role models to the people we employ. They lead from the front and are decisive in their decision making. We are committed to creating a harm free workplace and ensuring everyone returns home safe and well to their families at the end of each working day.

Senior leaders ensure they are visible and approachable to our employees. They will engage with our employees; understand the hazards they face and support our employees in ensuring risks are mitigated. Our people are the solution to creating a harm free workplace and we are committed and focused on the Health, Safety and wellbeing of those we employ.

Our Leaders are committed to ensuring our employees make Health, Safety and Wellbeing their personal priority.

Safe and Healthy Workplaces

Our Management systems are certified in line with the requirements of the ISO 45001, 14001, and 9001 standards. The health, Safety and environmental factors in our workplace are managed by taking a plan, do, check, act approach.

We plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the works we undertake to ensure it is completed without risk to safety.

We are all accountable for ensuring the hazards in our workplace are effectively managed and we ensure the control measures we put into place are proportionate to the risk.

Our teams are dedicated professionals who work together to meet objectives and targets in line with the VIAM HSEQ strategy.

We continually challenge the status-quo and re-engineer how we do things to eliminate risk.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain partners are part of the VIAM family and are onboarded in the same way as direct employee. Our supply chain partners share our values and recognize the importance of our strategical approach.

We effectively manage our supply chain partners and ensure they have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to complete the works without risk to safety.

Our supply chain partners deliver a large proportion of the works we undertake. The selection of the correct suppliers is critical to our success.

We conduct thorough evaluations of our supply chain to ensure they are able to deliver their works safely and effectively and to the standards required.

We select and work with the most capable suppliers through evaluation, measurement and review.

Effective Engagement and Communication

Effectively communicating and engaging with our employees is fundamental in ensuring we sustain a consistent health and safety culture. We ensure all new employees attend a company induction on day one. The induction clearly outlines the minimum expectations and key commitments of the business.

Our senior leaders are visible, engaging and accountable. Our front-line supervisors are strong communicators and engage with employees at all levels.

We ensure our employees are set to work with information and instruction that is simple, clear and effective in ensuring they understand what is required from them. They are actively involved in the development of the safe systems of works and take ownership of safety.

Our employee led forums provide employees with the platform to instigate change and ensure we remain innovative.

We engage with everyone who works with us to achieve a harm free workplace.

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