Project details
  • Client: United Utilities
  • Designer: United Utilities
  • Contract project: November 20th 2020
  • Surface Area: December 4th 2020

Case Study Overview


The existing meter PMV and bypass set up had been compromised due to being located behind a fence, within the forecourt of a Car Dealership. Although access was available during opening times it entailed the removal of several vehicles parked over the chambers thus meaning carrying out any maintenance was problematic and timely. There is also buried apparatus within the existing meter PMV and bypass setup.

The proposal is to install a new bypass in the footway at the junction of Cross Lane and Liverpool Road and locate existing buried apparatus within Car Dealership.

Scope of works
  • Install new 250mm EM Meter and PMV on new 250mm bypass off existing 10” cast iron main.
  • Works were carried out by isolating the section of main to be worked on using a double linestop c/w 160mm temporary overland feed.
  • No interruption to supply was required as main feeds a large area of domestic and commercial properties, including Media City.
  • The existing main was 1.4mts deep therefore the bypass tees had to be installed vertically bringing the PMV up to the desired level.
  • The total distance to install all apparatus was 10.8mts x 2.4mts.
  • Due to the limited clearance available to install all apparatus we had to install the bypass branch valves and washouts over the line of the existing 10” main.
  • A distance of 10 pipe diameters (2.5mts) upstream of the EM Meter was needed between the 90 degree bend and the meter.
  • A distance of 5 pipe diameters (1.25mts) downstream of the EM Meter was needed between the meter and the strainer.
  • A minimum distance of 1.0mt was needed between the linestops and the under pressure branches used to bypass them and any new or existing fittings.
  • The buried apparatus within the existing meter PMV and bypass setup was located, chambers built up to surface level.
Key Collaborative Aspects

Collaboration with United Utilities Designer, United Utilities Land Agent, United Utilities Delivery Team, United Utilities Network Team, Salford City HA, UTS Engineering.

Key Liaison was required with a number of parties including;

UU due to the main feeding a large area large area of domestic and commercial properties,  including Media City and as such required high level clearance within UU. UU Land Agent and the Land Owner to minimise disruption to their business needs.

Salford City HA regarding early entry being requested and granted on the understanding that we worked collaboratively with another contractor who were undertaking Gas works within the immediate vicinity.

UTS were mobilise immediately upon uncovering the main, to caliper , fabricate and install the line stops and under pressure drillings.

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