Project details
  • Client: United Utilities
  • Designer: VIAM Ltd
  • Contract project: October 19th 2020
  • Surface Area: December 23rd 2020

Case Study Overview


Due to a high burst frequency, 5no. within a within a week in 2020 and a burst history stretching back to 2012, leading to numerous customer complaints and a MP contacting United Utilities, VIAM were requested to design and build this project replacing circa 742mts 6” & 4”DI/AC mains on Harvey Road and Lindale Close, Congleton.

Scope of works
  • As the designer, VIAM had to consider a number of installation options;
    – Opencut; Not an option as unable to excavate in the heavily congested footpath and opencut in the carriageway was not an option as a road closure or one way system would be the only option to ensure that the residents could enter and exist their properties but the timeframes didn’t allow for this.
    – Pipeburst ; Not an option due to insufficient clearance, for the displacement, from other utilities.
    – Slipline ; This was the only option taking all aspects into account and offering best value to our client.
  • 621mts 6”/110mm slipline on Harvey Road with 51no. service connections
  • 121mts 4”/63mm Slipline on Lindale Road with 16no. service connections
  • All affected customers were notified by way of a letter drop in advance of the works commencing
  • To minimise the interruption to supply all properties were temporary fed by way of an overland feed, a model of the pressure and flow determined that this was to be 63mm overlander.
  • Works were carried out in 4no. phases and advanced valve connections installed to minimise the number of shutoffs.
  • Pedestrian and vehicular access to all properties were maintained throughout the works with pipe ramps protecting the overlander.
  • Collaborative working with SPEN was required, who were also occupying a section of Harvey Road undertaking emergency works.
Key Collaborative Aspects

VIAM were able to mobilise to site  within 1 month of the initial survey being completed thus meaning that the design, commercials, HA permits, purchasing the pipe ramps and water works materials, 3rd party requests submitted to UU requesting RA’s to be undertaken and shutoff surveys, UU letters approved, site meetings with Cheshire East and an early start being granted. None of which would have been possible without the support of UU Delivery/Networks and Customer Teams, Cheshire East HA and King Construction Partners GPS Designs, React Commissioning and Burdens.

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