Project details
  • Start Date: 11th November 2019
  • Finish Date: 6th March 2020

Case Study Overview

Delivery Details

The project involved the renewal of 2,800m of 12” 2 bar welded steel pipeline. The project was broken down into 3 sections to maintain key supplies to the local residential and business customers. This project used stoppling techniques as well as hot works/welding to provide secure anchorage during decommissioning. New MP services were laid to 3 properties. This included the installation of new MP/LP temporary and permanent service governors.

Health and Safety

Across the duration of the project (4,000 hours) no lost time incidents, accidents or public injuries were incurred. We adopted the same Health & Safety procedures as outlined in case study 1 (Queens Drive). All captured information was uploaded immediately and audited by the TRIIO Site Manager
who would inform our Line Manager of any non-compliances to be remedied immediately.

Customer and Stakeholder Engagement

Whilst this project did not directly impact high volumes of customers from a gas off perspective (4 residential customers and 2 business customers), the overall risk and indirect impact of the project was 4,500 customers should there be a supply failure. One key area of customer engagement was the impact to a customer due to significant excavation within their front garden and installation of sheet piles and stopple pits. We had to manage this positively with the customer by communicating with them at the start of the works and co-operating with them regarding access and reinstatement to ensure everything was returned to pre-work standard. The customer was extremely satisfied with how we managed and handled the work. We ensured local residents were aware of the correct traffic arrangements, and everything was clearly marked so that the impact of the works did not impact customers in a negatively.

Team Engagement and Incentivisation

We used the same incentivisation scheme on this project for our team as
outlined in case study 1 (Queens Drive).

Programme/Project Management

Prior to the commencement of the works and due to complexities associated with the works, it was essential that NRO contingency plans and risks assessments were documented and fully understood as part of the project planning. This included roles and responsibilities of everyone involved to ensure the requirement for specific specialists was determined and dealt with. The scheme was completed under a road closure and involved a 12km diversion and impacted the main route into Gildingwells. The project was managed and delivered 12 weeks ahead of schedule allowing road access to be returned to normal resulting in a positive customer service impact. Our pipe replacement run rate was 215 metres per week of 250mm PE.

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