services details Water VIAM offer a full range of water infrastructure services. Our services are diverse and include repair and maintenance activities through to mains renewal and rehabilitation programmes. We offer a complete end to end service to help our clients maintain their water assets. We have contracts in the North West with United Utilities […]


services details Gas Following the successful award of the Cadent Gas Local Delivery Partner Framework across the North West and West Midlands, VIAM now offer a full range of services to the gas sector. We can provide our clients with a complete end-to-end service when maintaining their assets. Our services and capabilities include: Replacement – […]

Power & Telecoms

services details Power & Telecoms We can provide an end-to-end service from excavation through to laying of all diameter cabling and pipelines at any length and reinstatement. VIAM employs a highly trained, multi-skilled workforce capable of laying any cable in any surface. Our services range from: Complete project management and Total Turnkey Solutions; Cable laying […]


services details Developers GERs, WERs, NERs. Onsite and offsite works. Complete solution – all below ground requirements and surfacing.

Daniel Smith and Clare Boardman were appointed Joint Administrators of Vital Infrastructure Asset Management (VIAM) Limited and Project Angel Bidco Limited (the “Companies”) on 1 June 2021. The affairs, business and property of the Company are managed by the Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability. The Joint Administrators are authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. All licensed Insolvency Practitioners of Deloitte LLP are licensed in the UK.   Get In Touch   Suppliers and contractors: Harpreet.Panesar@teneo.com and Jessica.Guru@teneo.com Customers: Tim.Smeeton@teneo.com Employees: NationalERATeam@teneo.com Press: restructuring@teneo.com